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Become more profitable by digitalising your client data
in one integrated system.


Integrated client management software for trust, corporate & family office service providers.

enVisual can be provided as a full SaaS cloud service or on-premise.

enVisual provides:

  • CRM & entity compliance

  • task management & alerts

  • ​entity administration (trusts, companies, foundations etc.)

  • document management

  • asset management

  • NAV fund administration

  • accounting (trust/company and corporate)

  • transaction monitoring

  • customer web portals

Plus, with enVisual, license only the modules you need, minimising your investment.

Watch a quick introduction video.

What enVisual will do for you and your business

enVisual360 wealth management and compliance software user

Save time & improve data accuracy

Eliminate the need to store your client data in multiple systems with one easy-to-use, centralised platform. This is more accurate and reliable than replicated copies of spreadsheets or other less efficient methods for storing critical customer information like last name, passport expiry date making sure you never miss another deadline.

Reduce audit costs & risks of compliance penalties

Automating tedious tasks and monitoring your data for compliance demands has never been easier. enVisual will pro-actively monitor all of the important information you need, so that when rules are due or something goes wrong with client records - we'll let you know right away!

Empower your staff with a system they are happy to use

The enVisual platform provides a simple way to view and manage your data, with powerful reporting tools. This makes it easy for anyone on the team - even new hires. The benefits are delivered quickly after implementation thanks to easy access to client records as well as extraction & analysis capabilities. Happy staff - happy life!  

Save on your system licensing costs

Why spend money on multiple (duplicate) software products when you can have just one that does it all?  enVisual's integrated module approach provides the tools to manage your wealth management firm. Importantly, you'll never again need a second accounting program for your corporate accounting because our professional Accounting module has everything under control for both client/trust and corporate accounting.

We like enVisual as a product due to it's modular nature which gives us the ability to implement stage by stage across our business.


We like enSynergy as a vendor due to the proactive approach of the principals, and the reactiveness to our needs which is over and above other industry vendors.

Moore Stephens International 

Why Act Now?

Spreadsheets & disparate systems are costing your firm.
Spreadsheets are designed for modelling not storing critical client data. The risk of errors from storing core data in spreadsheets, particularly during transposition is high. Further, storing your core data across multiple systems means replication, risks of data inconsistencies, inefficiencies and very often staff frustration.  Don't wait for errors to arise and be discovered by customers or regulators, make your move to enVisual now!

Your competitors are making or have already made the move 
Don't get left behind.  Your customers are learning to expect the data quality, efficiencies and service levels only possible through a system such as enVisual.  If they can't obtain these benefits and services from you, they will look to your competitors. enVisual is available in a number of scales to meet your budget, regardless of your size.

Grow your business with efficiencies, not headcount!

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Our Customers

Typical enVisual customers - corporate service providers

Corporate service providers

Typical enVisual customers - trust administration providers

Trust administration & trust accounting firms

Typical enVisual customers - corporate formation agencies

Company formation agencies

Typical enVisual customers - fiduciary firms

Fiduciary firms

Typical enVisual customers - corporate service providers

Fund administrators

Typical enVisual customers - company secretaries

Company secretaries

Typical enVisual customers - multi-family offices

Family offices

Typical enVisual customers - law firms and accountancy firms

Law & accountancy firms


We were looking for a software product that included a powerful CRM, workflow and document management capabilities to support our global business. Of great importance to us from a software system are compliance, efficiencies and support for our growing business. We were also looking for a vendor who was responsive, flexible and sensitive to our needs.


We found the product in the enVisual / LiveFile combination and the vendor in enSynergy. Two years into the implementation enVisual is a vital part of our growing organisation. Running over our private cloud we have since implemented accounting, corporate secretarial and centralised global billing.


We have a great relationship with the enSynergy team and enjoy great benefits from their products.

Major Swiss/Caribbean Financial Group

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What our customers love about enVisual360

enVisual software is scaleable to mett your budget

Scaled to your budget

Whether your needs are managing trust administration or accounting, financial compliance, company administration or accounting, family office administration or investment management, you decide which enVisual modules to license.  Start small and grow your system as your business needs grow.  enVisual also comes in two styles - Boutique for small or startup firms and Enterprise for larger needs.  Regardless of the size of your firm, enSynergy has a system to meet your budget.

enVisual360 seamless integrates with other external systems, enVisual360 wealth management and compliance software

Easy implementation, seamless integration.

enVisual is simple to use and comes feature-rich right out of the box making it fast to implement, typically half the time offered by our competition.  enVisual also integrates with external systems such as banking systems - critical for the likes of multi-family offices and wealth firms.

enSynergy support is second to none, enVisual360 wealth management and compliance software

Second to none support

enSynergy offers a level of help-desk support that others envy.  We can help not only with product support but also with services such as data migration, system interfaces and productivity audits.


We opted for the enSynergy product in 2000 because of the flexibility of the system and the ability to work closely with the design engineers who developed and extended the product as we went forward, specifically an App called enTrader. We utilise all of the modules within enVisual. Throughout our relationship with enSynergy we have found them to be both accommodating and understanding of our needs and able to quickly implement any changes or enhancements requested. The ability to deal with senior staff members of the company has also been a great benefit.

Major Swiss Trustees Firm

Software that frees you to grow your wealth management firm

CRM & entity compliance

Marketing Segmentation.jpg

Know all there is to know about your customers from a CRM designed exclusively for wealth management professionals.  Integrated entity compliance & workflow, task management and your complete communications history.  Modules to manage companies, trusts, partnerships and foundations with full support for CRS and FATCA requirements.

Assets & accounting

BH GL360 1.png

Need accounting for your managed entities or for your firm?  enVisual accounting starts with our multi-currency, multi-entity General ledger and can be expanded to include the powerful Assets360 investment management system, enterprise billing & sales/purchase ledger as well as time & work-in-progress modules.  All accounting modules support multi-currency processing and have been designed to support the capital/income splits required for precision trust accounting.



enVisual can be implemented on-premise or hosted in a cloud environment. Need to share data with your own end-user customers?  Switch on the echelon customer web portal and exchange data & and documents with your customers, simply and securely on their desktops or smart devices.

Document management


Switch on our integrated document/content management module, LiveFile360, for a complete and secure DMS solution.  Securely encrypted, LiveFile provides full version control for documents as well as simple-to-locate search and surface functionality.  Documents can be linked to compliance data as well as accounting transactions greatly reducing your audit costs.

Compliance workflow

Laptop CRM FP.png

Critical business processes such as client onboarding, transaction monitoring & approval, client reviews and many more are managed with complete control using our integrated BPM process module, Process360.  Compliance processes are accompanied by straight-through transaction monitoring processes and audit trails.  Process360 also provides a designer tool for a complete customised BPM approach to your business processes.

enVisual360 wealth management and compliance software user

What businesses are saying...


We have been a client of enSynergy since 1996 and would describe our relationship as a true business partnership. During this period we have always experienced good product support and find the enSynergy team to be very responsive to our requirements. We use enVisual for our client, trust & corporate accounting, investment administration, KYC, CRM and company secretarial services in a multi-office environment. One of the outstanding features of the system is its reliability; we have encountered virtually zero downtime over the last 20 years. During this time we have also seen a great deal of product maturity in the form of new functions and features, an ever improving user interface and always conforming to changes in operating systems and database platforms.

I would have no hesitation in recommending enVisual and enSynergy to any similar business.

Family office, London/Monaco 

Our company is an independent private Family Office Trust Company providing customised, personal trust and family office services to our client families.  After an extensive search, we decided to partner with enSynergy to be our trust management software provider.  

We chose enVisual by enSynergy for several reasons, some of which are: enVisual is modular so we only needed to purchase the pieces that fit with our business; enVisual is scalable so it can grow as our business grows; enVisual is designed and focussed on the client relationship through the excellent CRM; compliance is built in throughout the system; the LiveFile document management system is completely integrated; and it’s easy to use.

After we entered into our partnership, our experience improved.  Our implementation was fully supported by the enSynergy team.  The training sessions were excellent. Any issues we have had since implementation have been handled in a very timely manner with professionalism and good cheer.  Everyone we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with at enSynergy has been excellent.  They sincerely want to help and ensure our experience is a good one.


If you are in the market for a world-class wealth management software provider, I urge you to consider enSynergy.

The trust area of our financial institution saw exponential growth over the last few years; so we began the search for what we thought would be an impossible software to find that could meet our CRM, AML, accounting, live files and so forth. After months of searching, I came across Envisual and immediately reached out to their team to see if we would fit into their model and if their model would fit our needs. enVisual/enSynergy has far and above met our needs and expectations.  The real cool things about the Envisual product is it is not a one size fits all product.  The team at Envisual/Ensynergy will work with you to identify what areas of their vast line of choices within the software will best provide a benefit to your business.  Since implementing the software I just cannot understand how we managed our line of business without the software.  Please feel free to get my contact information from the team if your require further information.

VP Trust Services

Major Canadian Trust Company 


  Candian Trust Company Inc. 

Book a call to discuss your specific requirements and start saving.

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